What if you earned a dollar for each time someone complains that all great domain names are already taken? Probably you will be rich but this is not the case. Instead you can only earn dollars by finding the available names and selling them to desperate buyers who are complaining that they can’t find their desired ones to register. This is only after you do research on what exactly they want.

Although, the industry is highly competitive, you can still come up with original domain names that are appealing for businesses. There are many tactics you can use that very few people rely on but have proven to work in sky rocketing some online businesses. Here are such tactics that you can also try:

Focus on Results

Consider the end result that people want to have when they buy particular products or services. How will they feel after the transaction? If the product satisfies consumer wants fully and consumers are loyal to it then this is where your domain name should be derived from.

Search for Puns

Create a list of relevant keywords, and then repeat them out loud, while playing around with sounds. Puns are less likely to already be registered, since their component parts are not really words. Take for example a web design company by the name of Sitesfaction, it was a finalist in your very first naming contest. It was available despite the thousands and thousands of English speaking web design firms.

Think Slang

Use your imagination to create some expressions that appeal to the ear. Today there are domains available and unregistered by the names of BoyOhBoyToys.com and AttaGirlToys.com.

Use Symbolism

Let us say you are a horror genre expert and want to start your own paid online community for other horror fans. Horrorgate.com, Horrific.com and Horrornet.com are already registered. However, you may want to consider something like FrightOwl.com

Vary Real Words

The name Google is actually a play on the word googol, which refers to the number one (1) followed by one hundred zeroes, according to the Press Center of the Google search engine. It is a word coined by a 9-year old nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner. This adds another dimension to creative naming. You can also be creative in coming up with a catchy domain name.

Enjoy Creating New Names for Your Domains!

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