Does your website have a blog yet? Are you thinking of starting a blog to bring in supplemental traffic to your website and boost sales? If you dont have a blog yet, a blog may just be what you need to get the additional exposure you need to grow your website and move it in the right direction.

The first step to building a blog is figuring out which blogging platform you will use. The two main blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogpost. Both of these blogging platforms allow you to really manage your content in a very easy user-friendly way. If you host it directly with them, chances are you may start driving traffic faster since their network includes thousands or millions of bloggers worldwide. If you choose to host it on your own, the process to build traffic and a presence may be slower but may pay off better dividends in the long-run if you can establish a name for your brand as well.

Your blog should include the following content when it comes to eCommerce so you can better rank for many of the long-tail keywords for search engine optimization.

-Product Description and Reviews
-Company News
-Industry News
-Viral Content
-New Product Announcements

What the blog allows you to do which you arent able to do on your website is use a variation of keywords to talk about the same thing in different ways. For example, if you have a product and optimize it for a certain keyword on your website, you can optimize for that same product using a different keyword.

Once you have your blog, keep social media in mind to drive traffic and gain exposure. Sources such as Facebook and Twitter can really help you start getting some buzz about your blog. It all starts with having friends, family and loyal customers helping you spread the content of your company blog.

Treat your blog as ifit were its own website and make sure you use search engine optimization strategies to promote the blog so it ranks well in the search engines.

Paul is in the marketing department of F3, an ecommerce software company based in Doral, Florida.