If anyone tells you they have a free multi-level marketing program that you can join and make money with, you have two options. You can laugh in their face or you can politely tell them, no thanks. But, you can not take them seriously, because there is no such thing as a free MLM business.

MLM can never be free because it is a business. In order to make money, all businesses have to sell either products or services. Anyone telling you differently is either misinformed, or being dishonest. Either way, that is not someone you want to get business advice from.

In other eras, multi-level marketing companies and members focused not only on members referring others and building a downline team, but that was a lot of attention put into members buying a lot of extra product, so they could sell it at a marked up price to family members, friends and co-workers. These days there is not much of that going on. The focus is on buying a minimum amount for the member’s own consumption, and on building a large downline of people who all do the same.

The way the downline works is you recruit other people to join your program. They also must commit to the basic monthly purchase. You make a commission every month on what they buy. They are placed on your first level.

When your first level referrals get their own first level referrals, those individuals are placed on your second level. Even though you did not refer them, you earn a commission on their purchases as well as your entire downline, which might extend through five, ten or more levels.

Given time and work, your downline could includes dozens of individuals. It is not rare for people to have hundreds of members in their organization. For them, the momentum is so great that they could stop working and yet their residual income will continue to grow each month.

The reason this is possible is because of the fact that every downline member spends money each and every month. If there were no money involved, there would be no income generation possibility. It would merely be a list of people, with meaningless data, like when they joined and who invited them.

It would be a total exercise in futility. Nobody would be enjoying the great products, because nobody would give them away without being paid for them.

At this point, you understand why there can not possibly be a free MLM business. You probably also appreciate the fact that it really is remarkable that for simply buying a great product that you would purchase anyway, you can start up your own viable business with unlimited potential.

Free MLM business can be successful. We are going to tell you how to do MLM for free and how to be successful at it.

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