The UK is getting harder and harder to operate and sell in; as people are businesses are being more and more careful with their money, getting sales is getting harder.

Businesses are looking at ways to get guaranteed results; ways of low risk marketing. Surely if a telemarketing company is good and can produce results, the option for high commissions should be appealing?

After all, what happens if you pay out money month after month and then 6 months down the line, nothing has come of it? The telemarketing company is happy as they have your money.

This is an issue that comes up time and time again (and is not just unique to telemarketing, but many forms of marketing) as people want more guarantees. Marketing is expensive and it does seem that the client is the one that takes all the risk without much control over the process.
Startups normally want someone else to help shoulder the risk, to take some/all of the financial burden which is understandable but unreasonable.

Marketing companies (generally) are coming under more and more pressure from clients to achieve results, to get a quick ROI and provide measurable results. The problem is that marketing is an interchangeable product so it is something very difficult to give actual hard nosed facts.

However, if a telemarketing company did take on commission only work; they would get all the dreamers coming with great ideas – take on the projects and not succeed. The dreamers are then set to come up with something else leaving a crippled telemarketing firm.

The role of the telemarketing company is to generate interest/generate meetings/generate enquiries – it is the role of the client to turn the results into money.

There are a few telemarketing companies that offer a pay per appointment service – which is kind of meeting in the middle. However turning the meetings into business rests with the client. The same problem exists though – if the telemarketing company book 10 meetings and charge 250 per meeting – but no business results, that is a lot of money for nothing.

A difficult situation but one that has always been there with regards to sales and marketing – and always will be there.

Out of all the hundreds of telemarketing companies there are in the UK, none will take on commission only work.

There are a few students and freelancers that may consider doing commission only telemarketing – however this is normally while they are at a loose end and looking for a full time job.

The main thing is commitment; if someone that is not being paid is working for you, their level of commitment will be low (or lower that someone that has a normal financial incentive).

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