Violence began in mid-summer. August 19, Shenzhen Bureau quietly checked off the storm. Two days, the Securities Regulatory Bureau examined a total of 14 fund companies in the area. And after a routine check to see companies transfer monitoring system is different, the inspection focused on the fund, a fund manager and investment research personal computer. “Spot checks very detailed investigation, investment and research departments of all computers are checked over and over, some fund managers, inspectors computer’s hard drive is taken away.” an insider of Great Wall Fund told reporters for Die Zeit. Thoroughly investigate the “Rat” “Rat is an important way of collusion China, there is also the biggest reason China’s stock market and ills.” A brokerage executive told interview reporters with Die Zeit, words quite intense. “Rat”, is making use of public funds prop up share prices before or relatives with their own personal funds in the low, pulled up to the high stand of public funds, the personal relationship between the position the first to sell or profit behavior. Close to the regulators an internal analysis, said the regulators start to fund this round of “Rat” crackdown, the main reason, the Commission may fund the Department of personnel changes. In early March 2009, the original Risk of Disposal of the Commission Director, Wu Qing, original director of the official transfer of funds, the former director of the Fund were sent to Li Zhengjiang Galaxy Securities. In April, retired as the Commission Vice-Chairman Fan Fuchun, former Vice President in charge of the Ministry of Gui Minjie fund any deputy party secretary, the Vice Fund, Yao Gang in charge of the Ministry. Peking University Law School Professor Liu Jianwen Die Zeit in an interview with reporters, said on 28 February this year by the “Criminal Law Amendment,” the fund manager’s “Rat” behavior for the first time included in the “Criminal Law”, if three fund managers take real violations, may be into the “Criminal Law” program first “Rat” manager. Beijing Tsinghua source law firm often times weekly Bo told reporters that the three fund managers and investors, breach of “trust” relationship and the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, according to its severity, may face criminal punishment, a real fund managers “Rat” penalty “first case”, may also bear the economic loss caused to investors and to bring civil liability. However, the current criminal law of the “Rat” behavior what is “serious,” what is “particularly serious” characterization, there is no uniform standard (home safety products). Shenzhen fund is already jittery. According to Die Zeit reporter, the fund companies to strengthen internal controls, in addition to working hours phone turned over, some companies have installed the camera, investment research department e-mail, MSN and QQ, 24-hour surveillance (safe home alarm). Some companies explicitly immediate family members can not stock, extended family members to report to us and other stocks. Invesco Great Wall’s investment philosophy is to “prefer the steady, do not crack Jingtao shore.” The Chinese “Rat” a thorough investigation, is required to “Jingtao” rather than “small water.” Tu strong for three terms, from passion, tragedy and go, in China’s capital market continues to improve on the way, not just their fate. From: safe home security

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