College life is a lot of fun, but unlike high school, you need to be more serious with schoolwork to make it through with flying colors. But with a lot of pressure, from part time jobs and other concerns apart from the numerous essays and theses you need to complete, it can be really challenging.

For a lot of reasons, college students like me need some help in some subjects and common issues pertaining college life. And I am so glad to have come across this very helpful website After becoming a member of this online community exclusive for college students, connecting with classmates has become a whole easier even in the comfort of home. I even get to befriend the members of the elite circle of students which would not normally happen in the campus, considering their status and fame.

Another good feature that made me take the website by heart is the fact that it offers more benefits other than connecting with friends. You can join discussions and forums about home works and exams, something that you cannot do with the other ordinary social networking sites. At the same time, you get fresh updates from friends and schoolmates about the latest news and events in the university where you are attending. And when you are looking for books and other materials that you need in some of your subjects, this is the perfect place to look for the best deals and affordable prices.

If you have photos or videos to share, you can also upload them anytime to the site. Being a member has given me access to new content uploaded daily by fellow members. Not only do I get to connect with students in my own campus but with other universities as well. It is also a good source of inside information about parties, night life, sororities, fraternities and all the other highlights of college life.

All these privileges are for free. Thats another fact that makes this website truly attractive for college students. I highly recommend

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Whether you want to be able to go out with your friends on a girls night, purchase a new outfit from J-Crew or whether you are one of the more responsible students that wants to start paying back student loans and building a saving account, the only way you’re going to be able to do it is if you get yourself a J-O-B.

I know your concerns as a college student is one, whether or not you have the skills or the experience to get a job and two, when you do find a job, how will you be able to balance both a full college schedule and work?

While you can go out and find yourself a traditional job at Starbucks, Target, call center or in a restaurant, those places aren’t always the most flexible with time.

Some of my closest friends and I opted out of that because they wanted to control their time and schedule. What they did instead was create their own jobs online using the skills they already had.

Curious? In this episode of Soulful Studies Sunday I am going to share with you three different online jobs that you can do as a college student with the skills you already have and without sacrificing your GPA.
Craving a step-by-step blueprint for creating your own study system?

Get better grades without the stress, overwhelm, and lack of social life over at
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