China has emerged as the technological giants in the current era and China is giving a tough time to major countries of the world by effectively adopting and implementing a low cost strategy. The policies of the Chinese government are stiff and it is believed that their strategies possess double standards. Government of China is massively criticized on a number of issues like human abuse in Tibet and Darfur. Government of China banned certain websites although the journalists were promised to carry their work (Brennan, 2008).

The internet is experiencing a boom and the entire economy of a country can be transformed through the internet. Chinese government is posing problems in term of privacy and secrecy for the people of China in term of internet access (Beehner, 2008).  The economy of China is in its transformational era and the economy has transformed from a planned economy to a market economy. However, Chinese government is applying barriers for businesses, as their policies are getting stricter day by day. They are ignorant about the fact that through internet China can fulfill its strategies and they can easily achieve their objectives (Chau, 2008). The freedom of speech a number of times was questioned in China and a writer was sent to jail when he wrote an article about the Chinese government (Edidin, 2008). People is China are restricted to know what is happening whithin the governmnet and they are restruicted to raise their voices (Kahn, 2005). The government is retsricting the internet because they belive that senstive information would flow out of this region to other regions of the world. However, people are finding ways to remove these barriers (Pan, 2005). The internat affects the economy and governmnet has to remove these bariers in order to progess in this era.

The powerhouse of technology “China” has won the race of the most cell phone users in the world. The county is rich in technology and has more engineering students and technological companies than USA. The technological giants are ready to face the chanllenges of the current er and they have the tendency to pass every coutry in terms of technology. The previous center of technology “Silicon Valley” that was located in California is shifting towards China (Fannin, 2008). The technological change has transformed the educational system in China and the impilcations of technlogy are quite visible in the infrastructure. 


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