Business theses are business papers written to improve the ability of an individual to carry out business independently. This is done to show the strength of an individual in convincing. Business papers are written to improve the performance of an existing business or when establishing a new business.

When writing business papers the writer begins with organization of the thesis and creating a plan of the business paper. When writing the business papers the writer should start with choosing the right topic of his discussion.

In choosing the topic the writer must ensure that the topic is the appropriate one. The topic of the business papers should be related to the area of interest. The topic of business papers should be appropriate in that it should suit the audience and the theme to be discussed. The business papers title should be brief and should convey the message that is included in the business papers. The title of the business papers should be attracting. This helps in drawing the concentration of the readers and audience. The title should be made specific and any aspect of ambiguity should be eliminated.

The title of business papers should be researched on by the writer to come up with an original business paper title. The title should be precise and to the point. The business papers should have the title, the details of the writer and the details of the instructor on the cover page. The thesis of the paper should also be included on the cover page of the paper. The thesis of business papers gives a brief explanation of why the study was conducted and the main impact of the study.

The page that follows is the table of content page. This page shows all the content of the book in a summarized list of sub-topics and the location in the business paper arranged in a systematic manner. The following page is the introduction page which is used to shine some light about the business paper to the reader. The writer writes the introduction of business papers giving a short explanation on the content of the paper. The introduction should also show the reasons that lead to the writing of the paper.

The introduction gives the reader the summary of the paper so that the reader can have an over view of the contents of the business paper. After the introduction the writer should write the body of the business papers.

The writer should research on the reliable sources for the topic under discussion. The writer should then research keenly on the business paper and give relevant information. The body content should include give a detailed explanation about the business paper ant the theme of the business paper should be clearly outlined in the body. After writing the body of the business paper the writer should write the conclusion and recommendation of the paper.

In the conclusion the writer should state other possible area of study that might be researched in future. The writer should then write the list of information sources. The lists of information sources should be included in the last page of the paper. The list of sources should be arranged in the appropriate order.

After the conclusion the writer then writes the appendices which contains the information that was nit included in the body of the paper yet it is important.


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