Business stationery has an important part to play in your corporate image. People recognise your name and colour schemes at a glance, so having all of your business cards and letterheads with a consistent theme gives you a solid professional reputation.

Personalised letters can provide the receiver, with the company name, a logo, a phone number, website, email and street address. Surely one the most cost effective and easiest forms of promotion. Especially as letters get sent to current clients, potential new customers, company accountants, and legal services.

Letterheads have some key day-to-day business roles. Using a professional letterhead for quotes, shows potential new clients that you are a serious company. You mean to tell them who you are, and that you invest in your branding. A smart letter will be appreciated, and noted for being professional. Prospective customers need to be shown that the company seeking their trade truly want their attention, and that they seek the competitive advantage over the other quotes on the desk.

Using continuation sheets alongside letterheads can only benefit your company. The letterhead is the initial sheet used, any other pages in the same document have no need for the repeated contact information. These additional sides could incorporate the colour theme, or perhaps some small, perhaps partially transparent artwork, without overwhelming the whole document and using up useful page space.

Once a printed letterhead is in use, it can be utilised within popular office software, such as QuickBooks and Stage. This is ideal to produce consistent and simple communication every time. Without the extra costs involved in buying pre-printed invoice stationery.

A printed letterhead, if designed well, begins to negotiate with clients from the second they see it. It’s no longer just the basic company information. It’s a stylish fresh approach to marketing. The benefit may not at first be obvious. But overtime, people sub-consciously notice the extra visual flicker you have put into your documents. It provides a strong start to a letter, and initiates a positive outlook on your company.

John Morgan is an online business consultant who specialises in media and print branding strategies.

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