Many people have been asking recently; why as a business coach do you sell this? What is this Business Profit Pack and What is in it?

It has led me as a business mentor, to write this article specifically about why it will help you in your business and what types of programs it has in it. To answer the first question, not all people can afford to work with a business coach and this pack gives the business owner a very similar outcome as a very cost efficient investment. Firstly there are 12 modules in total. Each module addresses a different aspect of your training and business. In the first section it outlines the importance of knowing what your numbers are in your business. As a business coach the first things we look at are the Profit and Loss statements. These are template for you as spreadsheets so that you can put in all of your expenses and costs from your business. Doing this gives you the business owner an overview and helps you to understand what types of costs come out of your account on a monthly basis. It will help you to identify what items you are selling lots of and it can help you to look at putting your prices up or even change some of the products that you sell in order to make your business more profitable.

What other valuable things can you learn; Managing your Database, Creating Strategic Alliances, Selling Against Tough Competition, The Sales Funnel, Making Appointments by Telephone, The Sales Process, The Secret Power of Questions, Turn Your Website into a Marketing Machine, Creating a team For Life, Write Compelling Direct Mail and Successful Networking Meeting. Just using one of these ideas will be able to get you more customers, increase your turnover and give you back time and return you more profits. In the work books there are over 100 templates discussed and these are provided to you on a CD so that you don’t have to remake them as well as samples of how to use them to get maximum benefit.

The pack has been produced by business coaches that have been in the business for more than 20 years and are based on their experiences working with all sorts of clients. In the further modules there are in-depth looks at how to fill the sales funnel and get more client/customers. What sort of script to use when calling people for various reasons like appointment setting. The pack explains what sort of advertising has been very effective in the past and will be in the future and how to track your advertising in order to see what your return on investment is. A business coach works with you in consultation over maybe one or two sessions on say your sales process. This is available to you in the pack on DVD, audio CD and book format so that you can go over the process as many times as you need to understand it and through a medium that works best for you.

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