Opening their own business is a dream that many Britons have. But, unfortunately, due to the economic downturn that the country is facing at the moment, many Britons are having a difficult time getting the financial backing that they need in order to purchase a business to run on their home turf. But turning to the rest of the world could provide a solution. If youre willing to run a business abroad, you could combine business and pleasure. There are many business opportunities in Sicily, Italy, and you could easily take advantage of these opportunities to turn a profit and have an excuse to visit Sicily on a regular basis.

Some of the most popular business opportunities in Sicily, Italy, are restaurants. Even if your knowledge of Italian food stops at spaghetti and meatballs, it doesnt mean that you dont have what it takes to run a small restaurant. And you dont have to have an Italian food restaurant, either. While some tourists do want to sample authentic local fare, others are looking for a taste of home. And, since Sicily attracts tourists from all over the world, a taste of home could encompass a wide variety of cuisines. And the locals might appreciate a little something different, too.

Bed and breakfasts are some other great business opportunities in Sicily, Italy. Theres something about staying at a bed and breakfast that makes you feel like youre getting a more authentic look at your surroundings. You dont have to be Sicilian to run an authentic bed and breakfast. You just need to love Sicily. Your guests will be satisfied as long as your food is tasty, the portions are satisfying, and your tips on the best things to see and do in the area turn out to be great fun for them.

Ultimately, you could even buy a commercial property and start any sort of business in Sicily. There are plenty of commercial properties available for lease or purchase at any given time. All you really need in order to succeed in business is a good idea and the determination to make it happen. There are plenty of business opportunities in Sicily, Italy, and all you need is a little courage to get started. As long as youre committed to seeing it through, you could find yourself the owner of a successful Sicilian business, and a fixture of the local community.

Paul has travelled to Sicily, Italy many times and loves Italian food and culture. He also writes about Sicily investments and Property in Sicily, Italy.

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