Yesterday we chatted about fear and how it can limit our business growth and success.  Today I want to chat a bit about the business beliefs that fear can create – the status quo Gravity that is so often driven by our fears.

Our beliefs have a major impact on our business – strategies, tactics, visions, execution and productivity. I sometimes wonder if we all recognize that, especially when I listen to business leaders grouse and moan about all that is wrong with the business, the people, the market.

I believe we attract what we focus on.  if we focus on how bad things are, if we believe that the economy is going to kill our business – it will. On the other hand, if we believe we can succeed, can do something unique and valuable to grow our business no matter what – we can succeed.

Take for example the words I hear everywhere today. “The economy is bad, businesses are holding all their cash and not spending, no one is hiring, we can’t possibly grow (or find a job).”

Wow – look at all the fear behind those beliefs. And look at all the negative push against anything good happening, thanks to those beliefs.

Yet look at some of the companies who ARE thriving…

Netflix stock is up 30% this month, and they are showing record revenue results. All because they believed they could deliver home movies in a better way.  We’ll chat more about them on Friday this week on RebelationsTV’s Rebel Rave:)
JetBlue just posted its 27th consecutive growth quarter in terms of revenue.  This from a company who decided to create a new airline in the midst of chaos and bankruptcy on the part of other major airlines.  I bet they believed they COULD, despite everyone else
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is reeling in record profits – as they help the planet and others through their focus on social responsibility.  They took on the status quo of coffee and are winning.
Apple – I know, everyone talks about them.  But that’s because they are the leader in Zero Gravity thinking.  Who else would think they could take on Microsoft and win?  All by being different?  Apple believes – and look what happened as a result.
SouthWest Airlines. Southwest never believed in following the herd or limiting its opportunities. From the very beginning they believed they could succeed by following their own flight plan. Their record growth and continued profitability when other major airlines were filing bankruptcy is a testimony to their focus on the positive – and not the fear.

The list can go on and on.  There are tons of companies thriving in today’s market.  I also know that the economy is still constricted and there are tough times for some.

My point is that we get to make a choice about where we focus, and what we believe. I can choose to believe as Eyore – Woe is Me and all is Doom and Gloom. Or we can choose to believe in the positive – that there is opportunity in all things, we can grow, we can be successful – even if we may have to change some things in our business strategies and tactics.

My Own Personal Belief

I believed for years that the only way I could be successful was to work 100 hour weeks and do everything. I took every client, worked constantly and burned myself out physically – all because of a belief system that said I had to do it all – perfectly – to be successful.

When my health failed and I crashed my entire metabolic system – I got the chance to rethink those old and driven-by-fear beliefs. And luckily, I had the chance to change them.

Today – I am focused more on the power of my positive beliefs to bring success than my need to prove to the world that I’m good enough and can do it all (talk about an impossible belief..). Consequently, my life is moving in such amazing directions, new opportunities are showing themselves every day and I am finally learning that I can be very successful and not have to do it all – or kill myself.

We can all be successful, regardless of the world around us or within us. Our beliefs can make the difference between growth and giving up – in business and in life.

What’s your limiting or negative belief? How are you changing it as you read this?  Would love to hear your thoughts and approaches too!

Rebel Brown consistently challenges the status quo to deliver optimum solutions and high velocity growth for her clients. She combines the strategic expertise and tactical savvy of a global Corporate Strategy, Launch and Turnaround Expert, along with the leadership and motivational skills needed to get the job done.