Ok, so we are now starting to build our business, so let’s take a look at some other techniques to increase the sales funnel and get more orders.

Let’s start with Search Engine Marketing, which is primarily search engine optimization and Pay Per Click advertising. Consider starting a Word press blog as a shop window for your services.

Word press is a very easy to use tool and there are thousands of Plug-ins available (some free and some paid) which basically allow you to do all sorts of things with the site.

Remember to add to the blog regularly with new content so that the search engines can see that it has relevant and original content. It’s easily possible to get such a blog to the top of the search engine results for specific keywords and this means free advertising and new customers without any costs. You can also direct people to your website, which is a topic we will look at later.

If you are not familiar with Word press then search on YouTube and you’ll find many videos showing you how to use it and add the various Plug-Ins. If you want to really learn how to use this technique to maximum effect then I would recommend Building Websites with Word press, as the best resource I have found. It has a small cost but it’s a great book with some fantastic videos which take you through the use of Word press step by step.

Building Your Income into PPC

Another very effective method of building your business is Pay Per Click advertising. There is a cost but the idea is obviously to gain work which pays more than the advertising costs. The great advantage of this is speed. It’s tremendously fast and you can very quickly build up a list of clients relatively cheaply if you pick the right keywords. Again there are many videos on sites like YouTube which show you how to use the Pay Per Click programs, including the most well known, Google Ad words.

I have used this type of advertising and recommend the use of the Google Content rather than Search because you will find that the cost per keyword/key phrase is substantially less. Google has a free learning centre which takes you through this type of advertising and I have found this to be a great free resource.

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