It is important to ensure your online business can keep in touch with your customer base. A good traffic flow at your website can make or break you. While getting new customers to buy from you is a great thing, repeat business will work wonders for your success. One of the best ways to build the information you need is an email list. This important marketing tool allows for mass distribution of information to individual email accounts.

How do you build email lists that will reach your customers? Many online companies sell lists based on certain criteria, in order to get the best fit for the customer base. This can be an excellent means of reaching potential customers. You can also build your own list, tailor made to reach people you know want what you’re offering. Building email lists from scratch can be a lengthy yet fulfilling process.

Simply put, this is the page for your opt-in requests. Your Squeeze Page contains a free offer encouraging visitors to sign up. It motivates potential customers to fill in their name and email address, and click on submit. You can choose to send the email addresses straight to your email, and then monitor them from Excel or use a professional auto-responder, which can then store the information in an online database.

You want to provide something the visitor will be interested in. The information must be valuable as well as valid and substantial enough to keep subscribers from unsubscribing. You want visitors who are interested in your niche and will likely want to make a purchase. Don’t offer something unsubstantial.

Because of the ebb and flow of site traffic, list building is an ongoing process. Customers will sign up, then depending on interest will unsubscribe or become inactive. It is imperative to keep up with your customer base to ensure the most current information at all times. You can utilize several ways to do this:

A long standing part of internet marketing is article marketing, writing and submitting to article sites can help your page ranking and ensure visitors find your Squeeze Page.

Utilizing your website as well as social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can help you add more names and addresses to your email lists. By adding an opt-in form to these sites you can take advantage of those who are interested in what you have to offer and subsequently follow up with your auto-responder.

It is important to build good relationships with your customers. People will order from places they trust. Offering a satisfactory buying experience will ensure repeat business and a name for your list.

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