4, broadband optical access network technology development

4.1 Application of the current broadband optical access network technologies

Present, a large number of broadband optical access network technology used mainly EPON, GPON, represented by passive optical network technology. EPON is based on Gigabit Ethernet passive optical network technology, inherited the low cost and ease of use of Ethernet and high bandwidth optical networks, FTTH is currently achieving the highest number of technology as a cost-effective. With the international standard EPON IEEE 802.3 ah officially released in 2004, EPON industry coalition has attracted the active participation of many companies, from the core chip, optical modules to the system, EPON has become increasingly mature industry chain. EPON technology is a manufacturer-driven solutions, while GPON is designed according to precise needs of consumers, driven by a carrier solution, the standardized mainly by FSAN and ITU-T to push.

PON technology, as the two representatives, EPON and GPON technologies in cost, and support speed and so on advantages and disadvantages. And compared with GPON technology, EPON technology lower the threshold, the lower core chip design difficulty, many chip manufacturers are now adding the EPON chip design of the camp, its more mature industry chain. However, GPON advantages in technology, it can support a variety of speed grades, to support asymmetric uplink and downlink rate up not to support the 1Gbit / s over rate, so with the EPON can only support symmetric 1Gbit / s with a single rate ratio, GPON optical devices more choice and leeway. In addition, GPON EPON not only as support for ClassA and B as the ODN (Optical Distribution Network) level, but also support ClassC, so the splitter can support up to 1:128 ratio and up to 20km transmission distance. GPON transmission convergence layer, whether in business or in the adaptation layer are the highest efficiency, so the total cost efficiency and the equivalent system has a considerable advantage. With GPON technology matures, prices are less sensitive to high demand for technology, but business users will really become GPON user base. Therefore, in the next couple of years, these two technologies based on market orientation may be different in the long run, if the GPON can be a breakthrough in industrialization, the market even larger.

Theoretical analysis, GPON EPON seems to be more than the advantages, but on the current industry to provide a variety of EPON / GPON products, laboratory test results, EPON and GPON great deal of diversity:

EPON / GPON equipment PON interface to the physical layer parameters can be well over

Sufficient standard to allow for maximum split ratio of 1:32 and the maximum transmission distance of 20 km.

carrying only IP business, EPON equipment systems downstream bandwidth capacity can be higher than 900Mbit / s, upstream up to 900Mbit / s or so, remove the line coding on the capacity of, packaging more efficient. But carrying TDM services such as E1, the frame encapsulation format and the synchronization time will bring a large overhead, carrying inefficient.

EPON / GPON optical protection switching function can be realized in all-optical protection switching mode, thanks to hot backup mode, switching operations during the interruption time 50ms.

current EPON / GPON equipment carrying TDM services (such as E1, POTS) way to achieve different, each with a different clock synchronization, but the E1 service transmission delay, jitter can meet the requirements . When carrying TDM and IP services at the same time, even if the system bandwidth congestion conditions, can still ensure the TDM service QoS .

Timing used according to the different ways, all manufacturers EPON / GPON equipment in the E1 clock synchronization there are differences, but were unable to tolerate large E1 timing signals on the noise, fail to PDH synchronization Interface Network limit requirement, but to meet the network limits E1 Interface business requirements. EPON / GPON equipment is to be applied to the time-critical services such as mobile base station interconnection, will depend on the current EPON / GPON upstream in the network time synchronization, and if EPON / GPON upstream business network timing signals of poor quality, EPON / GPON system will be unable to absorb the noise timing signals to provide better service to the downstream network timing signals.

bandwidth management capabilities, EPON devices support dynamic bandwidth allocation capabilities (DBA), and GPON equipment currently supports only static bandwidth allocation functions in carrying IP business system bandwidth utilization is not high. In addition, EPON / GPON equipment all have the speed limit function, the strategy may take a certain distinction between business priorities and to achieve QoS.

EPON / GPON equipment with multi-service support capabilities, which can access IP data / video, TDM data / voice and CATV Video services, IP services bearing efficient. Can support multiple Ethernet protocols and can basically meet the needs of business development.

From a cost point of view, regardless of what kind of PON, the main cost per user depends on ONT and OLT. GPON as the new technology first appeared, the ONT and OLT cost will be relatively higher. However, the core of the current GPON chips and optical components and technical indicators complexity and EPON have similar equipment in the same configuration (such as business interface type, etc.), the device costs will mainly depend on purchase quantity. According to industry estimates from the second half of 2006. With the ONT and OLT devices and networks to further optimize the cost of large-scale deployment, GPON and EPON cost will be closer. Table 2 shows the comparison splitter based on 1:32 ratio, 10km transmission distance, indoor ONU, the device only supports the premise of data services.

Table 2 for each line of EPON and GPON Comparison of price trends

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