Despite high web literacy and impressive figures concerning the use of internet technology to promote business, British corporations lag far behind their European and Scandinavian counterparts when it comes to recent developments in mobile technology. According to Nominet, the national authority on domain name registration in the United Kingdom, more than sixty percent of medium to large business have some web presence. Unfortunately this is not an end in itself.

Recent statistics have shown a crucial failure among British businesses to translate corporate sites into usable mobile web applications. 1 & 1, a UK based website hosting provider has revealed that more than half of British businesses with an online presence have not investigated how their websites appear on new devices like smartphones and media tablets like the Apple iPad and Hewlett Packard Slate.

More than forty percent of sites suffer reduced design quality and rendering when viewed on mobile devices, while over a third of web platforms experience severe disability of crucial functions when using a mobile platform. The most alarming statistic which came from the 1 & 1 survey was the fact that 65% of companies have given no attention whatsoever to making their websites usable beyond traditional PCs.

This despite the fact that mobile internet usage in the United Kingdom has increased three fold in the past two years and by more than 25% in the first half of this year alone. Problems with the lagging UK mobile web development industry stem from the advent of smaller screens and touch-screen technology on the most popular devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod. Analysts have suggested that where the consumer goes, the industry will follow. With no sign of declining demand for mobile internet, its merely a matter of time before British businesses clock onto the opportunities for financial gain that this involves.

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