It’s taken me many years to be comfortable with the concept of ‘networking’. For many of those that are old hands at it you’re probably wondering how I survived without it but cast your mind back to those first few tentative years networking and remember your own learning curve. And what I wanted to offer you today was a little glimpse into my own networking world that you may find interesting.

I have loitered around various networking groups over the last 18 months or 2 years and for those of you who have known me longer than that, you will have noticed, I hope significantly, just how much my business has changed in that time. And that isn’t purely because networking has brought me new customers, new clients or a new market, but because I’ve realised just how much value I bring to the people I meet and to those of you reading who find something relevant in my newsletters.

And what I’ve enjoyed these last 18 months more than anything is the rich tapestry of businesses and people I have met along the way. And you know, I have nothing but my faith in myself and my product that causes people to become magnetised to what I do and that causes people to feel they may benefit from some of my advice and guidance.

And if you’re scared about cost or about giving anything away in case it doesn’t get a return, then you need to ask yourself if you understand the law of attraction and just what it is you are attracting into your life with closed mind thinking. Creating a buzz about your business takes a certain courage and confidence that you have something of true value to offer.

And where do I get my own inspiration, guidance and ideas from? Well, from everyone I meet. The tapestry of my business and personal life is added to every day: stitch by stitch. And the best thing? I am the grand designer of how I want it to look. And there are still bald pockets in my tapestry with no design waiting for me to work on, areas where I have a broad sketch and have yet to add all the stitches in the right colours and textures, and areas where I can, for the time being, call complete.

Creating a visual and detailed image of how you want your business to look, will mean that you can achieve optimum benefit from networking. As you meet more people and glean snippets of advice and guidance from them, and of course in return, offer your own insights and contacts, so you will start to see where the information you have received fits.

No overall picture? Then you need to work on one. Takes a bit of courage. Takes a bit of a moral and emotional inventory. But without it you will wander aimlessly around wondering how to close a sale or scratching your head about how to talk someone into buying your services or widgets. And in the famous lyrics of South Pacific’s Happy Talk, “If you don’t have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true.”

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