A data center is a place where companies can colocate their IT environment whether for backup or primary use.Sometimes they can even have offsite workplaces that can be used in case there is a breakdown in the existing office. Companies that arein markets where downtime is un-acceptable and data is verysensitive need to have a backup location ready as part of their business continuity plan. The answer: they turn to colocation data centers for secondary site backup services. Backup colocation refers to having a location away from the main office that is a mirror image of the existing office.

Austin, Texas, is in a region of low risk for natural disasters. The probability of Austin being impacted by cyclones, storms, floods, or earthquakes is minimal. So, Austindata centersare ideal facilities for companies looking for a safe data center.

Companies wishing to invest in data center facilities should evaluate thesepotential facilities based on features and price. A good disaster recovery and business continuity plan will help businesses determine their needs.

Austin has many good facilities to choose from. Evaluate the following features of the Austin data center:

•  A location that is scientifically safe from natural disasters
•  Multiple cooling systems to ensure optimal performance of machines and to ensure temperature control
•  Customized power capability and a robust backup system
•  Multiple layers of security – Gated access, and authorized entry and access
•  Fire protection systems – Warning alarms, prevention systems, as well as firefighting systems
•  Ease of relocation for employees from the main office to the collocated office
•  Amenities like:

o  Dedicated office space – Shared space can get risky in case of sensitive data handling, so a company needs its own dedicated office space to ensure the privacy of its operations
o  Dedicated workstations
o  Dedicated phone lines and Internet access
o  Dedicated conference and meeting rooms
o  Cafeterias and restrooms for working staff
o  Secure parking area
o  Proximity to hotels, restaurants, and retail stores
o  Good connectivity for different modes of transport

•  Network connectivity and blended internet access

The data center at Austin has a blended internet service. Along with a redundant and diverse network infrastructure, speed and network performanceare very good at the data center.

Blended internet access leads to reliable and efficient network routing, thus leading to good connectivity. Some of the features of blended internet access are:

•  Multiple layers of carriers, leading to an appropriate amount of redundancy
•  High capacity fiber optic cables contributing to good internet speed
•  Multiple bandwidth options

Blended internet access ensures the highest availability and performance of network connectivity.

AustinData Center is an ideal backup worksite. But the decision needs to be taken based on the company’s plans for backup recovery and requirements of colocation.

John J. Klevenhagen, discusses colocation opportunities in the Texas Area. He believes Data Center should be considered by any company that wants to keep data safe. He helps educate readers about the benefits of colocation and data centers for companies of all sizes. The data center he admires most is discussed in greater detail at http://www.datafoundry.com

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