So you’re looking for the best MLM opportunity out there. Well, before you jump in,there are several things you have to consider. I would start by looking at who is behind the company, how long has the company been in business, and are there still people who can enter the company and reasonably expect to earn money within 1 year. Now, a new company launch is more difficult, because there is no track record for the company so you need to look carefully at other things, for instance, like are there competitors already offering something similar, is the company marketing plan sound, and does it sound feasible, and is the company prepared to weather the initial storm which may involved a slow start and lack of profit for the first year.

There are a number of websites which list new multi level marketing opportunities and launches, and discuss the potential earnings of various matrix plans, or the benefits of products that are offered by the many companies. There is so much information that can be found on those legendary companies like Herbalife, Amway, Avon, and various companies that have been around for 30 plus years. However, what is rarely discussed, and almost hidden, is the long list of companies that have failed, filed bankruptsy, or gone out of business.

Much of the marketing for MLM is focused on how much it takes for each individual to invest along with how much product must be purchase, and then the bottom line comes into play which is how much return will the MLM business owner receive: In other words, how much money are you going to make! But many people who jump into internet marketing or MLM opportunities never hear about all the people who have lost money on failed companies. It can be very expensive to become an MLM distributor and buying products month after month can involve several thousand dollars per year, yet most people who accept an opportunity never think of anything except how much money it will be possible to make.

MLM companies go out of business every single day. Perhaps you are someone who has spent the last several years making monthly payment in hopes of someday get rich, only to find out that your company just filed bankruptcy or has decided to terminate for lack of funding. To protect yourself from being another member of the 97% failure club, get yourself involved in solid internet marketing training and find yourself an experienced mentor. A coaching center and a mentor can make the difference between success and failure with an MLM opportunity.


Rick James is a trainer and coaching support specialist for internet marketers and affiliate marketers, as well as a personal mentor for anybody who wants to begin the process of learning how to earn money online as an MLM executive, stay-at-home Mom/Dad, or internet business owner. To begin your training and earn while you learn visit:

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