Affiliate marketing, the selling of products and services of others, can be a blast. If you think about it, the sellers do all the work: they make the product, package it, set up marketing materials including a website, graphics, sales letter and usually more. You simply sign up for a coded link and sell. Can’t get much easier than that.

And an awesome part of this type of earning money is that you can add as many affiliates’ product to your promotions as you’d like. You can attach yourself to as many companies, as you want. It just depends on your ability to manage your promotions, time and earning in such manner that the many links can be fitted in, and yet can attract hits while bringing in sales.

As examples, say, for instance, you run a furniture business. In that case, it is in your interest to be affiliates of those companies who sell wall paintings, room decoration articles and so on, in short, stuff that someone who buys furniture, is also likely to buy. So, every time a purchase is made by following a link from your site, you get paid, for absolutely no effort! Not only that, in what is called a ‘ripple effect’, sometimes your own business picks up because of affiliated sales. Somebody gets a curtain, say, that person would also need to buy something from you to use that curtain. So, double profit.

Finally, you need to know about OSPs – Online Service Providers. They act as third party agents, negotiating between companies and affiliates. You need to register with them; that makes searching for likely affiliates that much easier, and far more efficient. You don’t even need to pay for this service, not at the outset. After you have linked up, and there are sales, the OSP gets a small share. That way, you do not have to spend your own money – yet, you are getting the job of finding partners done for you.

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