I’m going to show you how to make this YOUR reality too
By the way, keep in mind that we started doing this years ago with Paypal and Paypal still works amazingly well for this, so you dont have to only use Clickbank to collect your sales.
We like using Clickbank because of some of the other benefits Clickbank provides.
Let me show you the AIM master plan that we taught to one of our students previously.
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Heres how simple that plan was (directly from my iPhone):
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Check out the simple blueprint we made for him that helped him turn his one Autopilot Income Machine into a new $ 200,000 a year home business.
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As you can see, thats if at bare minimum you only made $ 27 a day and you only had 5 money pages. That gives you an extra $ 135 a day in spendable income OR an additional $ 4,050 a month.
Remember, you can actually make that much income from just ONE money page, but were just trying to be more realistic here. Some pages make money consistently and others will make money on some days and not on other days.
When you find a winner that does more than $ 100 a day you can then use some of the advanced secrets well share with you to collect on those BIG TIME!
Oh, I also wanted to mention that if you have a job and you feel like you dont have time, dont worry about it like I said before a lot of the work has already been done for you so you can concentrate on learning this method and applying it.
Our program is based on the science of accelerated learning. Not only do you get the information, but well make sure it sinks in!
So heres what you get with Autopilot Income Machines

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Autopilot Income Machines is a simple method that teaches anyone how to put your own income generating money pages that pay you directly to your Paypal or Clickbank account.