One in every of the temptations of Sales and General Managers is to seem at the commissions of their salespeople as a great place to cut into their department budget. When all, a top salesperson may out earn the overwhelming majority of Sales Managers. Many dealerships can cut commissions to increase their bottom-line thinking that this is often the good factor to do. But there are four factors that return into play once you undertake such a move:

Sales could be a results-driven profession. Salespeople are naturally competitive and will compete with alternative salespeople with themselves to increase their performance and therefore the sales they will produce. There is no bigger high for a salesman as selling a brand new or used vehicle. It makes their day. They live and die by the sales they produce. With the ups and downs of the business, they need no fall back on a salary or the luxurious of just manifestation to be paid. They have to sell vehicles to supply results.

Results are produced by a motivated individual. You either pay or fire a salesperson. There’s no middle ground. Once you scale back a commission rate, you have got taken the wind out of their sails. Some Sales Managers can tell them to sell more vehicles to form up the distinction, but the trust has been broken. Without that trust between the salesperson and therefore the dealership, the motivation will quickly deteriorate.

Salespeople are natural risk-takers. Being paid a commission is a natural risk in their profession. However risk-takers expect to be compensated for the risk when it pays off. You as a Sales Manager benefit from the danger by not paying when the results haven’t been produced. It is suicide to tinker with the salesperson once they need reached the level of success that is each beneficial to both the dealership and also the individual. It doesn’t undermine the connection, it destroys it.

Once the dealership breaks the trust with the salespeople by tinkering with commissions, it can expect some form of retaliation. In a very demoralized and demotivated sales force, there can be a notion of why even bother. Results will drop. This can be the smallest amount of your problems. In several instances salespeople can actively voice their discontent with customers inflicting long-term problems. Salespeople are your initial contact to the customer and people buy from individuals they like. This could cause a backlash. In several instances salespeople have left the dealership and taken a loyal following with them to their new employer. This can be often troublesome to counter and recover.

The risks that a dealership undertakes after they attempt to change the compensation structure of their salespeople can be tremendous, well in way over any earnings they could wish to recoup. Before you consider such a move, it is wise to explore all the possible implications and consequences such a move might price your business. The short-term gain may not be value the long-term loss.

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