In this article, we discuss setting up an attraction marketing system.  One of the first people to begin using the discipline of attraction marketing was Dan Kennedy. In his system, he defined three steps to be followed:

1. Advertising in a selected medium.
2. Free information offer via website or toll-free number.
3. “Call to Action” within the free information or report, which is a phone number or website for further information.

Thom Scott, creator of the Profit Funnel System, offers a free report on his website,, which includes the 7 steps contained within an attraction marketing system:

1. Determine Your Market – By completing a brief mission statement, you can identify the exact target audience you want to address, e.g., I help _____ (who) to ________(what) by ______(how), I help homeowners to sell their homes using proven marketing strategies.
2. Building the Report – The free information, or often a report, can take several forms, e.g., “How To” or “Reasons Why” formats. The following are two examples: “How to get the best value when buying life insurance” and “6 Reasons you need to review your business insurance policy today.” Businesses facing compliance issues should check with their marketing department for approved reports that may be available “off the shelf.”
3. Select Media Outlets – This can be magazines your prospects read, traditional mailers to prospects, or using Internet sites they frequent.
4. Launch the System – Use a voicemail answering system or website to “automatically” provide the free information.
5. Measure your Results – Use coding on the forms, or specific toll free numbers to identify advertising sources. Pay-per click ads can be coded for results tracking. In this way you can maximize your conversion rates.
6. Maximize the Outcome – Modify headlines, ad colors, etc. per the results of testing.
7. Maintenance – Check results periodically and repeat testing at least twice yearly.

Even though considerable planning and setup may be needed, an Attraction Marketing system will produce much higher quality leads than traditional methods. Also, use of videos on the Internet can create “relationships” with prospects that you haven’t even personally met.

Jim Green is an Internet attraction marketing specialist. His system for automated lead generation and training is based on a turn-key approach, which considerably shortens the setup time and learning curve.

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