If you have been online for any amount of time at all, you are bound to have noticed that the web is aplenty with opportunities. You may want to consider article marketing for the online business opportunities.

It is true that you can use article marketing to drive your business and the great thing is that you can do it for free, if you do it yourself.

Writing lots of articles in your niche will drive traffic to your site, if you point your readers to your site; usually at the end of the articles. This means that you include a link to your website. Not having this traffic can break your business.

You already know that marketing in this way is free. What is not free however, is your time. Don’t expect a handful of articles to bring in all the traffic you need. Instead, you should have at least tens of articles on a topic alone.

In fact, you are looking for hundreds of articles in your niche. You can spread this out by writing regularly everyday or at the least, every week. As you market your articles, you will begin to notice the increase in traffic, as you have expected.

Most directories including the top ones allow you to submit your articles for free. If there is a directory that charges you a fee for this, you may want to read some reviews and then test it out to see if it is worth your money.

As always, read any guidelines especially those pertaining to author and submission requirements, prior to submitting. This will also avoid unnecessary suspension of account.

Don’t be hasty and submit your articles only to get rejected. Read the FAQs and guidelines first. Find out if your content falls under the category of non accepted content. How should you format your articles in order to be accepted?

Instead of submitting to a lot of directories, concentrate on the top few which have been proven to yield results to marketers just like you. Also, you will have one less consideration to tinker with; article submission software.

Some article directories actually frown on such automated submissions. If you do use one, ensure that the submissions are done correctly. Incorrect submissions can cost you your account if it is repetitious.

The majority of your time should be spent on writing these articles. You can certainly trade your time for money if you will outsource this task. Try out a particular service by commissioning a few articles at first.

Outsourcing article writing is what many have done and will continue to do. Ensure that you have a budget ready for the outsourcing of batches of articles.

You may sometimes hear of a lucky business owner who finds the quality that they like at a price that they can more than afford, but don’t waste too much time searching high and low in this way; focus on your business and its inevitable expansion.

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