There are a lot of ads and emails online regarding mystery shopping. I’m sure you’ve received numerous emails about it before. A lot of them asking for money, of course those are most likely scams. What about real job opportunities mystery shopping? Do they exist? Believe it or not they actually do!

There are actually numerous mystery shopping job opportunities available. You can find legit companies online as long as you know where to look. You need to know what kind of mystery shopping you’d like to do before you start looking for job opportunities though.

There are numerous companies so knowing in advance what you are looking for will make your job search go a lot faster. Decide if you are looking for extra income, a career, or just reimbursement for products you want to buy. All three are possible options for mystery shoppers. While some people need an income, others just enjoy shopping for free!

Once you decide what your goals are, you need to check out a free website that lists all of the mystery shopping job opportunities available. There are numerous different companies and they all do different types of work.

Look through the job opportunities listed on the website. There are short paragraphs after each company that will give you enough information for you to know if it’s a company you are interested in apply to or not. Volition has done a lot of research to find legit mystery shopping job opportunities, so you don’t have to worry about any of these companies being a scam.

Applying for these jobs are fairly simple. Once you click on the link you will be transferred over to that company’s website. There you fill out your information to become a mystery shopper. Their website will explain how you are paid, what the work entails, and any forms you may need to fill out. You may be required to submit independent contractor forms or W-9 forms to the company for tax purposes. Once you are approved you will either be able to log in to the company website or you will receive emails regarding the job opportunities available in your area. Make sure to note when jobs are due before accepting any job. Once you complete the job, you will follow that company’s procedure to be paid.

It’s really simple to find legit mystery shopping job opportunities online; as long as you know what to look for you will easily be able to avoid a scam.

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