Networks, Networks and Networks, the world itself is connected with the network of networks. Networks are becoming more significant these days as it creates the connectivity between people, helping in unleashing the possibility of continuous improvement.

The growing pace of internet since last decade has created a space for network chokes. This has also increased the customer’s complaints regarding the network bandwidth as they are not getting good connectivity and speed. The technology is also taking a leap towards next generation like 3G and 4G, how do you ensure network to perform to its optimum?

Network testing acts as a vanguard in this field. This includes the testing of mobile networks over different platforms, different areas providing end to end support to the consumers. Network testing is done on equipments, network servers & its components, BTS etc. The mobile network testing is important because it ensures optimum working of the network. The mobile network has to be strong enough to provide better services over data, voice and video, otherwise it will lead to high customer churn. Since the mobile users are increasing on daily basis, network bandwidth is also getting bi-furcated among them. This results in poor connectivity, call drops, voice breakage, less speed while browsing internet & downloading etc. In order to provide the seamless service to the customers, every network operator is competing with each other. In this period of high competition, one has to be the best global player, because customers have ample of options available. There are so many telecom companies available in the market and each of them providing the best voice and data plans. Apart from these Telco’s, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s) also exist in the market helping people to be connected with each other while they are roaming.

So with this we can say that networks are really important as they help in connectivity any time anywhere.

Benefits of Network Testing:

Helps in maintaining corporate image and customer loyalty.

Helps in avoiding the network downtime costs.

It gives proactive alarm of failure in the network.

Helps in measuring the travel rate of packets from the remote location.

Helps in measuring data transfer rates and tests connectivity.

Helps in checking the quality of voice and videos by testing packet drops.

Helps in taking the corrective action on real time without any delay.

It helps in reducing customer churn.

This article will give you full insight of Mobile Network testing. This will help you to more about the Mobile Network Testing Services.

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