With BT Total Broadband you receive a new BT Home Hub which can link up to multiple devices around your house whether they have wires or not. They also offer good security packages to help keep you and your family safe from online threats such as fraud, identity theft and viruses, which is very important in this day and age. With BT Digital Vault, you can store up to 5 GB worth of files, photos or videos which are kept safe and secure online so it doesnt clog up your computer memory. It is a great idea because this back up will save you from losing anything if your PC crashes or breaks.

BT also provide you with Yahoo email accounts for each person in your house which comes with unlimited storage so no need to keep going through and deleting your emails. You also get access to the internet when you are out and about through their many wi fi hotspots around the world. This is unlimited too so great for commuters or people who travel a lot.

Free 24 hour customer support is available in case you get any problems with your internet or need some questions answered. This makes it very convenient and easy so you dont need to wait around for ages or pay for help. With Broadband Install, they can send an engineer round to help you set everything up or talk you through it over the phone.

BT Broadband also offer Infinity packages for those who are after much faster broadband. The speeds go up to 40 Mb for downloads and 2 Mb for uploads so this is a very good rate. An engineer can come round to your home and activate it for you free of charge. This internet also comes with an unlimited weekend call plan so you can enjoy more talk time with your friends and family over Saturdays and Sundays.

You can bundle any of the Broadband services with a different type of call plan and line rental is charged on top of this. They do not charge if you need a new line installed so this is also a bonus. You can choose from different monthly usage amounts depending on the type of user you are. 10 GB is ideal for light users, 40 GB for medium and unlimited for heavy users who tend to watch a lot of videos online or play several games.

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