When we mention Affiliate Marketing, the first thought that comes into everybody’s mind is ClickBank Affiliate Marketing. Since we are all aware that we ourselves, our family members or our acquaintances have bought ClickBank products before, no doubt there must be Clickbank Affiliates out there making a commission from the purchases. Thus, making money as a ClickBank Affiliate is indeed a reality.

The good news is that you need not be technically-inclined to be able to do Affiliate Marketing with ClickBank. But to be successful can take years of hard work learning cycle. All ClickBank affiliates are eying the same pie, each trying their level best to invade into your territory to take your customer away or to legitimately ‘steal’ your secret success strategies. There are lots of cyber spy activities all around you. Your direct business rivals are not in the thousands, but hundreds of thousands!

Any Tom, Dick and Harry can sign up to become a ClickBank Affiliate, and the number will continue to swell exponentially because of the attractive 50% to 75% Sales Commission payout and ClickBank’s easy registration procedure. Hot products are those related to sexual enhancement, weight loss, business, money making, dating, self improvement, adult toys. This also means competition is hot too, with the majority of affiliates jumping onto these products. Your promotional efforts could easily pale off in their midst of aggressive Advertising and Promotional activities.

Thus, in order to start realizing a decent income flowing in you must have the mettle and the guts to fight it out and stay unshaken amidst the rife competition among hundreds of thousands of affiliates. Hard work, patience, a will to learn, and a strong will to succeed are needed in at least the first 3 years!

Finding your niche product to promote is only facing one side of the coin. You must continue without hesitation to explore ways in getting massive traffic and directing them to your Affiliate Link. This is the hardest task of all!

Since demand for traffic is growing multiple times faster than the traffic pool, a particular traffic demographic profile could be targeted by thousands of other ClickBank affiliates. Many tried the shortcut ways by paying high prices for outdated non opt-in email lists, and were accused of spamming. In essence they were scammed! But I can assure you that any newbies starting out will, at one stage, find it extremely tempting to get into buying email lists to resolve the traffic problem.

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This System was developed by a young man who had suffered the wrath of Google repeatedly (like all others in the Affiliate Marketing business) in his drive to direct traffic to his ClickBank Affiliate Link.

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Dr. Pierre is a Research Scientist and a Successful Online Marketer since the early nineties, reaping in an average of 0K monthly. He is always keen to show people how to make passive income and gain financial freedom.

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