CPA Massive is a very popular network that offers these CPA, CPS, CPC Ads. Popular CPL offers are free ringtones, free electronics, and free gift cards. They also have email submission offers, which means the visitor only has to enter the email address and affiliates make the money. Most of every body enjoys free stuff, so the mass apeal of theses offers is very large. They offers many conversational options like pay per click, pay per lead & pay per sale.

The Easy way to make money as a CPA Massive Affiliate

The method I use is very simple and very effective with CPL Offers.

Most everybody I know enjoys free stuff, so the mass appeal of these offers is very large. Most offers require an e-mail address, but many people are hesitant to enter their e-mail on websites because of SPAM. Now, there are Zip submit offers, which means the visitor only has to enter their zip code and you make money. The amount of money you make per lead varies from offer to offer, but can be anywhere from $ 1.00 to $ 20.00 (some even higher).

How I make money as a CPA Massive Affiliate

Just by browsing the CPA Massive affiliates programs i choose a easy to promote programs. Then I by a .info domain because it is cheap domain. The domain name would be a related to program is more affective. For example if the program is for Ringtones then the domain is like or anything.

For forward the domain to the offer I don’t need any hosting. So it eliminates the cost that i usually associated with website.

Finally, I create a PPC Campaign based on keywords to offer. When the visitor click on my ad they have been redirect to the offer page with my affiliate Id. The visitor just enter their information, and i get paid for it.