A blog is a beautiful piece of marketing genius. The simplicity combined with the effectiveness is marketing euphoria. It can serve as an entire platform for campaigns and new product launches, and the best thing about a blog is it takes very little money and very little computer knowledge to create one.

The first thing one wants to do when wanting to make money online is to create a blog centered around their niche. Write several articles, one a day at least to keep good fresh content – the search engines love it. So let say in 2 months you write 60 blogs with good content, search engines will see that your blog has content that is valuable for its readers and will begin ranking your individual posts high in search engines for the keywords they are optimized for. It’s called a “parent” blog – it holds authority over other, lesser quality blogs.

So now lets say you take over the best keywords for your niche in two months (VERY POSSIBLE IF YOU STAY DEDICATED TO YOUR BLOG). Now its time for the money part. Incorporate money making techniques in your blog. Private label right products, master resell rights, and affiliate product offers are easy to ad to a blog site. The key is, write blogs posts (reviews) about the products you are hosting on your blog…You have the authority as far as the search engine is concerned, use it. The most simple and automated form of monetization is Google AdSense. Use Google ads on your blog, but make sure you DO NOT write posts urging visitors to click links, Google will suspend your account! And DO NOT click your own ads.

The idea of creating a blog is not only to create ways to make money day to day, but also to attract long term, loyal customers that can help you create a virtual “ATM” you can go to anytime to get paid. What I mean is, get the customers and they will pay you when you have something to offer. How do you get the customers, you may ask. Lead capture forms. Over free products that will be useful to your visitors, but make sure they enter a name and email to get the product. This technique is called building a list. Your list will be loyal because it is extremely targeted, and hell- you’ve helped them, taught them, and given them the tools they needed to create their own internet marketing business and be successful.

Now that you are looking at dollar signs, remember where it all started. The simple blog. So start your blog, gain your respect within your niche, and get your customers who will be happy to pay you dividends for you knowledge and your products.

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