A consistent limiting factor we all have is time. Each week only has 168 hours. We can create other things we consider to be precious.

Some examples of this are cash and energy. Time is the only one that is truly limited. Since time is our only real constraint, we need to find ways to overcome this limiting factor. One example of this is passive income opportunities.

. To truly capitalize on this one you need a large amount of money up front. There are other methods that provide the opportunity to develop your own. The steps are easy so don’t complicate it

Just about anything you are really good at can be used to develop it. What would a real world example look like?

Quilting is your passion. Family is excited to get them as gifts. Selling them is always a hot topic around your house. But the time involved in each one makes it a poor business model.

Due to the time involved, each one wouldn’t create enough profit to live on. So how can you utilize this skill? How do you use it to create an ongoing semi passive income stream?

You could organize a class for interested people to train them how to create and make amazing ones. Due to geographical limits, it would only make some money and not provide ongoing revenue. You probably wouldn’t find enough people interested to make it a full time business. During the class make sure and record it. You may want to get some help in recording it so you can focus on teaching.

Now all you need is a website, a way to take payments and a delivery method to sell your new video. You could even start an ongoing membership site to provide new patterns and ideas to clients.

If you are interested in learning more about residual income, come check out more examples of residual income opportunities You can also find some really cool tips, tricks and tools to create wealth in your life.