For many of us our dogs are like members of the family and feel like our children. We would do anything to keep them safe and happy. We would never dream of leaving our children alone all day while mommy and daddy go to work or on vacation. Luckily, now our pets can get the same kind of care and supervision as the rest of the family. While some dog boarding Seattle facilities offer basic care while you are away, other dog boarding Everett locations are run more like hotels than kennels. No matter what level of service you desire for your pet, you can say goodbye to the guilt that you feel when you leave your little buddy behind.

Many might think that day care for dogs might be a little extravagant and that pet owners are simply spoiling their animals. Still others might believe that dog owners would prefer to pay someone else to take care of their pet so they don’t have to deal with some of the messy inconveniences that come with caring for an animal. However, it is widely understood that dogs are social animals and like humans they need to interact with others of their kind as well as humans regularly. Just as a person becomes sad and feels lonely when no one comes to visit or talks to them, dogs experience the same kind of emotions when left behind day after day. Much like young children, dogs do not have the capacity to understand why their family cannot spend all their time with them.

When dogs are left alone on regular basis, they become unhappy, frustrated and bored. If they do not get the exercise and companionship that they need, dogs may even exhibit destructive behaviors. They literally can tear up the house. Other dogs can develop and suffer from separation anxiety and end up barking or crying for hours while they wait for their owner to come home. Not only is it an emotional issue but it can negatively affect their health as well. For total well being, dogs need more than food, water and kisses.

Before choosing where to take your pet, it is recommended that you take a tour and ask questions until you are satisfied that the facility is up-to-date, clean and that the staff is qualified. At some of the best dog care facilities, dogs enjoy a fun and healthy atmosphere where they participate in play groups with other dogs and interact with people. Most of their time is spent running, playing with toys and balls and napping- not locked up in a cage. Being part of a pack of dogs provides them a social outlet where social skills are increased and good manners can be observed and reinforced. In addition to obedience training, most facilities offer veterinary and dental care and full-service grooming.

Making sure your dog is well cared for when you can’t be there is just as important as caring for your child. Let the trained professionals look after your furry friend and love them like you do and you’ll be assured to pick up a relaxed, calm and happy dog at the end of the day.

Chuck R Stewart recently reviewed dog boarding Seattle for his dog Francie and loved the choices he found in his immediate area. He also studied dog boarding Everett techniques for indoor pet obedience.