Starting an internet business and working from home, is becoming more and more common than you may think. This is not about online surveys, or get-rich-quick schemes; this is about setting up an online business that generates a profit by marketing products using the internet.

Marketing products over the internet can become a fairly hands-off way of running a home internet business. There are tools and services that you can use to automate many of the tasks that need to be done. Choosing to market digital products, or marketing other vendors’ products for commission as an affiliate, adds to the level of automation by removing any need to stock or ship physical products.

This all needs setting up first though and there are new things you will need to learn to do. Starting an internet business requires some work first, before you will be generating sufficient income to replace your current salary.

Here are 7 steps to starting an internet business, while also working your full-time job:

1.  Make sure you have a broadband connection at home! This may sound like an obvious one but if you are on a dial up connection, it just won’t be fast enough to start your own internet business with.

2.  Allow yourself 2-3 hours every evening to work on your new business. Don’t forget that you are starting a business. If your intentions are to replace your current income from your regular job, then you would want to do that as quickly as possible, right?

3.  Be consistent. As you go through the initial setup and then begin to market your product, service or business opportunity, you need to be consistent. Work on your business every night. This is important – always do something. If you really can only afford half an hour on one evening, then use that half hour. There is a saying: “If you are not moving forwards, you are moving backwards.”

4.  Carry out proper research and due diligence before you buy any business package. There are many excellent providers available, or you can choose to research everything yourself and build your business on your own.

5.  If you do not do so already, start networking with other internet entrepreneurs. There are many internet marketing forums on the web where you can find good information and pick up useful tips.

6.  Don’t forget that profits will not come immediately overnight. There is no such thing as making millions overnight. That is not to say that experienced, established internet marketers aren’t able to generate those sorts of figures in 24 hours; they can. But they have built systems and put them in place over time to be able to achieve this. With proper training and the right systems, a comfortable full-time income can often be replaced within a six month period of time.

7.  Put aside a budget for your internet business ventures. Not every tool or service that you will need to use to automate your marketing is free. Be aware of this and be prepared for it. Like any other business, there is an initial investment required. This is usually either time or money and starting an internet business is no different.

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Ed Hodgson is an internet marketing mentor who helps other people set up their own highly automated internet businesses. With his home income system and online marketing training, he provides an all in one solution to starting an internet business from home.