“How I earn a 6 figure income a year” is one of the hype phrases these days. Everywhere you look in magazines newspapers and off course the internet there is an article or advertisement of a person that claims he is earning a 6 digit income per year. Is this phrase just a marketing ploy or can it be verified or better still does anyone actually care if the claim is true or not.

Nowadays where people want the easy way out and more importantly want instant gratification do they really care whether the statement or phrase is true or is it more a case of hear what we want to hear. I am by no means implying that it is not possible to earn a six digit income in fact there are probably thousands of people that really do but I think I will be correct in assuming that most of these claims or advertisements come from people that has lost there jobs or has worked most of there lives for a salary far less than the six figure digit income they earn at the moment.

The most prominent place where these claims are made off course is on the internet as the internet has become the number one “easy money making” medium. Once again my aim is not to dispute these claims at all in fact most of them are probably true but I do believe that the people that these claims are aimed at should not fixate on the claim itself whether it is “how I earn a six digit income on the internet” or whatever but that they should be open minded and maybe realize that whoever makes the claim has probably put in a lot of hard work and effort.

Like I’ve said before in this instant gratification society that we live in there is no time to look beyond what we want to see or believe. We simply want results and we want it now. So yes I am sure the internet could provide this result but I am of the opinion that it is not always as simple as it would seem at first glance.

So whenever you see the “how I earn a six digit income” article or advertisement try and look beyond the phrase at what had to be done for that person to be able to make this statement. Normally this claim comes with some form of proof whether it’s a news paper clipping or some form of payment statement so there shouldn’t be any doubt. All I’m saying is be prepared to put in effort to copy the method or system or whatever the person making the claim is selling whether it’s a product or an idea.

Earning a six digit income is a dream for many people and I by no means want to discourage you from dreaming but all I’m saying is be honest with yourself to avoid disappointment.

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