Apart from having a business website, traffic is the most important aspect of owning the business, whoever knows how to draw the right crowd definitely will win the game and outsell or outperform all other competitors. It is not all traffic methods that produce the same results for all businesses, markets and niches.

It just seems as if some folks in a niche prefer linking to their favorite websites through one way more than the other. If you can discover this way, which is peculiar to your niche you will succeed easily.

You must plan towards building a real business by using only credible means of getting traffic to your site. Some webmasters have run into problems for using illegal means to draw traffic and hence lose their business. You should know the right ways of doing it and follow it to the letter. You may have to spend a little time more, but it is worth it, you will benefit immensely from your efforts for a long time to come.

One secret you need to know today is that good traffic-pulling method does not cost you much money; at least most of the proven ones that online marketing gurus are using to make mega profits today are free. If you too want to succeed online you will have to follow in their footsteps. Here are the profits making methods.

1. The first major method is article marketing. You can research any issue relating to your business that people are having problem on, then go ahead and write tips and incomplete solutions but highly informative articles on the topic, finally, lead them with links below the articles to your site for the complete solution. Your articles must be 100% unique, fresh and relevant to your visitors for it to be effective.

2. Pay per click Ads: Is a program championed and popularized by Google. Basically, you write ads based on your niche-relevant keywords and bid for the keywords. Your ads will appear in search engine results and some other registered websites. You are being charged as people click on the ads. It is a quick result getting method, but needs to be done according to the rule to prevent Google slap.

3. Commenting on Blogs: You can get relevant traffic and backlink by posting comments to blogs in the same niche as your site. Blogs with .edu and .gov hosting are highly rated by Google, so getting backlinks from them will be a big boost to your site.

Additionally, you can also pull traffic using blogging, video marketing, social bookmarking, etc, which are diverse ways of spreading your links and getting relevant backlinks on the net.

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