There is no doubt in my mind that outsourcing as much of your business as possible is the #1 thing every home business should be doing.

Having done Internet marketing now for 8 years I have seen just about everything. As a home business owner I know how tough it can be to get things done. This is especially true if you work a full time job as well.

I know because I did that from 2002 through 2006. I would work online from 4:00-6:30 a.m. and then go off to work. I would hop back online late at night after I got home from coaching or watching my kids sports.

Unfortunately I did not know how to outsource back then, so I did it all. To this day if you see me in a mall you will recognize me. I am the guy with bags under my eyes.

Today you do not have to put in 18 hour days to succeed online. Even if you have a full time job you can build a profitable home business.

The key is to outsource as much of your business as possible. You do not have to go overseas for this either. I have tried that and have found there are plenty of of people in The United States willing to work for a fair price!

So what can you outsource?

1. Hire a Virtual Assistant. They can do things such as answer email, post on other people’s blogs, post in discussion forums, write short blog articles, bookmark your blog posts, surf traffic exchanges, answer the phone, and more.

A good VA is worth finding and paying well to take care some of the basics in your business.

2. Write articles. Article marketing works and you can find freelance article writers today for dirt cheap. Even in the U.S. you can hire a writer for under $ 10 an article. Many will write 400 word articles for $ 8 or less.

If you do it right you can even get them to write you a bulk order and submit them into article directories. I use Submit Your Article for that.

3. Blog and social bookmark using Only Wire. This is easy to do and you do not have a minimum number of words the articles need to be. Hire a writer to blog and bookmark and watch your backlinks increase and so will your traffic. It works!

You can also get content from and add it to your blog. Social bookmark for more traffic and backlinks. I would not make this be all of your content, but it is o.k. to use that for some of it. Of course you want to pay someone to do it for you.

4. Hire a blog set up person. One key you need to make money online is get more blogs set up and use them as websites. You can find people to do this for you for under $ 50. Maybe alot less than that. Try and you will be surprised.

You can buy domain names for $ 10. You can get unlimited hosting at companies such as Host Gator for $ 10 a month. If you set up a new site 1 time a week in a year you would have over 50 sites making you money.

Even if they only made $ 1 a day that is $ 1500 a month. If they made more than that you can really begin to be profitable online.

Outsourcing is my #1 home business tip. I use it everyday to run my own Internet business. You can start small and reinvest some profits into this to grow a healthy home based business without doing all of the work yourself.

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