Some people wouldn’t want to work from home. They enjoy going to the office, interacting with other people, and just getting out of the house. But others would love nothing more than to spend their time in a comfortable environment, making their own hours, and working from their own armchairs.

Thanks to the Internet, there are now more realistic work from home ideas than ever before.

The traditional way of not working at the office is still called telecommuting, even though it’s now often more like ‘cyber-commuting’. These people are employed by a company, usually one in their immediate area, and simply do the work at home. They may telecommute every day, or only a few days a week. This kind of working from home requires a job at a traditional company, usually acquired in the traditional way.

There are also traditional employer-employee relationships done entirely over the internet. These are jobs where one person works for another, or for a company, and is an employee just like any other, only they never see their boss face to face. A lot of these jobs are secretarial or research based, where the people don’t have to see each other for the situation to succeed.

Then there are the internet-only ideas. To be fair, some of these ideas were around before the internet, but really, only available to those with the right connections who even knew to look for them. These are jobs like freelance writing and editing, miscellaneous data entry, and transcription. And most of these jobs can be done from any computer in any location, and many leave the scheduling up to you. Some have minimum requirements, while others don’t care if you work three hours one week and thirty the next.

Going to your job online can be a great idea for people who enjoy doing so, or who want to be around with their kids but can’t afford to not have a job. Non-traditional jobs are becoming more and more traditional as the internet seeps into every corner of the market, and newer, more efficient ways of doing things are found. So get online, and snag yourself a non-traditional, perfect-for-you job.

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