There is an endless amount of choice out there of office properties, in a variety of locations. And with this amount of choice, where should you begin?

If you’re considering moving to US office space and you want to move somewhere hot then Texas could be the ideal choice for you. Humid, warm and very large; Texas can be a great location for almost any company.

There’s San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and Austin, which are great cities for a company that has just moved into the area.

But let’s go into a bit more detail about some of the key benefits of leasing Texas office space. So here are a few of the key benefits.

1. Texas has a capital with an increasingly large population and economy. The capital of Texas, Austin, has a population that is at the present time around 790,000 people, so you will therefore never be short of customers or even employees. After a competition Austin was also named the second Best Big City in “Best Places to Live” 5 years ago by Money magazine and according to the magazine Travel it ranks as the number one on a survey of cities with friendly people.

2. There is loads of Texas office space of unparalleled quality. Highly affordable prices, multifunctional floor space and stylish interiors means it’s one of the top office space locations in America. Perhaps this explains why Texas is the location of 3 of the Fortune 500 companies – Forestar Group, Whole Foods Market, and Freescale Semiconductor.

3. The weather in Texas is absolutely amazing. In fact, it has an almost tropical climate means that Texans experience hotter summers and milder winters. This makes it great for company employees who hate the cold and would prefer to work somewhere a little warmer. This type of climate is also great for your employees, as Texas has a warmer climate that is perfect for all family members. It also means that your employees will be able to install a swimming pool and really get their worth out of it.

4. If you are a defence or technology based company then a city in Texas could be great due to a revival in the number of Texas University graduates in recent years. This fact has lead to the state becoming a key player in the technology sector as it is the location of many of the large technology companies such as Apple, Google and AMD. With a lot of successful companies in the area, the state is therefore ideal for creating networking opportunities. For example, my friends company took a Dallas Office and it really did create a lot of chances to meet important people in the field.

5. The music festivals and art in Texas really make it a cultural hotspot. The state capital of Texas is Austin and Austin has a motto, which is “The Live Music Capital of the World”, which really indicates how lively and musical Austin is. The city also has a really good night life, particularly on 6th Street and Austin’s annual film and music festival, South by Southwest, attracts thousands and thousands of tourists each year. All of these people could be a possible customer to your business.

These points tell me that even though Texas might not be the most high status state in the US, such as Hawaii, but it’s certainly a fantastic choice for business real estate.

Dallas Office – Organisation lies at the heart of my role – I’ve devised a selection of ways to assort records to ensure that items can always be found easily. I keep an eye over company correspondence, fill out paperwork and make sure the business runs as smoothly as it can. I think it’s essential to build a strong base first so that any enterprise can prosper in the market.

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