What is Pampered Chef?The Pampered Chef, Ltd. a global company that offers a line of kitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks aimed for preparing food in the home with a worldwide direct sales force over 60,000 in addition to 750 corporate staff

I personally introduce about ecosway compare with amway. there are many amway diamonds Why?eCosway>

There are many “income opportunities” out there which are scams. Most are relatively easy to spot, but some actually look like legitimate opportunities. eCosway has nothing in common with these scams. If you think that there are similarities, please look more closely. As you examine the relevant issues, you’ll see how the eCosway difference makes all the difference in the world! Please do your due diligence. We are confident that eCosway will pass with flying colors under close scrutiny. It sells consumer products globally through an Internet shopping mall promoted by Business Owners from all over the world. There are lot of people saying that we are MLM company.We are not.eCosway different from Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing opportunities.We are much better than mlm.How i say so?Network Marketing or “Multi-Level Marketing” companies generally have one or more features that differ greatly from eCosway’s Mutual Marketing Model.

Mutual Marketing differs fundamentally from Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. The business model is mutually beneficial for so many more people. Shoppers win with great products at great prices (VERY rare in Network Marketing). Suppliers, both big and small, from all over the world, win with access to loyal international customers (almost UNHEARD of in Network Marketing). Business Owners win with a genuine opportunity to create a safe second income without risking large sums of time or money and without risking their jobs or reputations (a welcomed change). eCosway wins because of the long-term stability provided by happy suppliers, satisfied shoppers and prosperous Business Owners! eCosway is opening Shop in US in September 2010.I like you to understand better about this great business opportunity. The first month we opened in USA which is September 2010, our sale volume is 4.2 million USD. Three shops are approved for opening and another dozen or so will be open in the month of October. Japan will be officially opened on 17 October.New Zealand will launched the first free store before 15 November 2010. Think of this great opportunity. Step to open the free franchise shop please visit

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