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Weihai to improve my quality of work external wall insulation levels, effectively overcome the external wall insulation cracking, leakage, loss and other quality problems, improve external wall insulation system Fireproof Performance, and complete public Building energy efficiency 50%, residential building Energy 65% energy saving target, through comprehensive research, comparison, Weihai City, I decided to recommend the design within the wall using the following Insulation material (First batch):

1, phase change composite insulation system

Main components: inorganic silicate, hollow-glass beads, hollow ceramic microspheres, hollow inorganic fiber, phase change thermal micro-capsule, polymer adhesive, waterproofing agents, flow blocking body, cracking fiber, to help etc;

Insulation theory: an integrated phase change heat transfer and temperature regulation mechanism, in addition to insulation material through the phase change material and the convection in the hollow body by blocking the way to block the heat insulation effect, the main phase transition through the storage of heat Capsules medium, phase change can be achieved on heat storage and release, to improve the quality of indoor thermal cycling. When the ambient temperature falls below a certain value, the phase change material from liquid to solid condensation, heat is released; when the ambient temperature above a certain value, the phase change material melting from the solid to liquid, absorbing heat, so that the relative balance at room temperature;

Main advantages: First, effective insulation, energy storage using phase change materials, guaranteeing the Indoor Environment Temperature stability, improved living comfort; 2, phase change thermal insulation of the main materials are inorganic materials, fire performance; 3, the construction is simple, easy to control construction quality; insulation layer integrity is good, no seams, can be solve the traditional material cracking, leakage and other quality problems.

Standard: “phase-change thermal insulation engineering composite materials (Trial)”

Implementation of the document: “Shandong Province, the Office of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction on the issuance of Notice” (Lu Jian Technology Zi [2009] 19)

2, scene painting exterior insulation system of polyurethane foam

Main components: isocyanate, polyol and foaming agent, foam stabilizer, Flame Retardant , Antioxidants, fungicides, etc. Additive

Main advantages: a small polyurethane foam thermal conductivity, insulation effect is very good; two primary bond with no voids, no seam, good water resistance; third spot spraying, continuous operation, easy to crack, can be resolved outside quality problems such as leaking wall cracks.

Standard: “polyurethane foam insulation and waterproofing specifications” (GB50404-2007)

3, B05 grade autoclaved aerated concrete block from the insulation system

Main components: B05 grade autoclaved aerated concrete blocks made of cement, lime, quartz sand, gypsum with aluminum foam, made by autoclave curing.

Main advantages: first, B05 grade autoclaved aerated concrete block with the B06-class compared to light weight concrete blocks, thermal insulation properties, and can be self-insulation can significantly reduce the thermal insulation material by bonding the quality of the workload and related issues; two are inorganic materials, excellent fire resistance; 3, the construction simple, just filling in the ordinary concrete block construction technique can be based on some adjustments. 4, insulation material and the wall body, the same life, free routine maintenance and durability.

Standard: “autoclaved aerated concrete block application of technical regulations from the heat”

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