Looking for some dirt on Wealthy Affiliate University? There are so many get rich quick schemes out there that you are wondering if there is also a Wealthy Affiliate University Scam or not. Maybe you are like me in the sense that you have become very cautious when it comes to promises online. Being burned a few times I have learned that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

But let me ask you, what is it you are really looking for? You may have heard or am thinking that it is easy to make money online. Or maybe the idea of working at home on a computer appeals to you. Looking for something to do in your spare time to supplement your income, pay bills or have some extra spending money? Want to quit working for the MAN and be your own boss?

All these thoughts can be great motivation but the bottom line is most people fail to make any money online. Why? Because of several reasons. Many are doomed before they even start because of their failure to launch. Fear holds them back and they just jump from system to system devouring the information but never taking any action. Most of those who do take action become discouraged easily and quit at the first small failure they encounter. People like the above is where most of the labeling of different systems as scams come from. Not that there are not any scams out there, there is plenty, but there is also some that do offer value and will deliver if focused on.

So is Wealthy Affiliate University a scam. In a word… NO! Two years as a member has taught me different. I have tried many and about six were alright but Wealthy Affiliate University is heads above the rest. Most teach you a system to make money online. Something that the creator did or does to make some money. The problem is that the Internet is in a constant state of flux, always changing and what works today might not work tomorrow. If someone is making money with a certain method why would they want to tell you about it? Maybe it is old information that doesn’t work any more. They could be selling you the very ship they are abandoning!

What Wealthy Affiliate does is teach you skills that will allow you to keep up with all the changes. Once you start gathering these various skills you will be able to implement your own affiliate campaigns or even launch your own product. When I was in High School we had a giant wood shop. There was a very qualified teacher, all kinds of tools and dozens of students to interact with each day. I started out in my Freshman year not even knowing what a saw or a hammer was and by my Senior year I had built a sailboat!

That is what Wealthy Affiliate University is… a huge Affiliate Marketing Shop were you have several qualified teachers (Kyle and Carson) all the tools necessary and thousands of fellow marketers to interact with. Everyone is helpful and keeps abreast with the latest trends and issues that affiliates need to deal with to be successful. It is the perfect environment to learn and earn in. So is there a Wealthy Affiliate University Scam? Ultimately only you can decide that for yourself.

Robert believes he is living proof that anyone can make money online. Judge for yourself weather or not there is a Wealthy Affiliate University Scam or… Learn more about what Affiliate Marketing is and the possibilities for you at www.KLRrider.com

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