With so many ways for kids and teens to make money, most any teen can find one that suits them. If you have endless patience, love to play and enjoy being around kids, than babysitting might just be perfect for you.

Babysitting has been a way for teens to make money for many years, and continues to be a popular and much needed job for teens wishing to make extra income. In a world where both parents often work and live a busy fast paced life, the demand for responsible, reliable babysitting has grown rapidly. There are some things you need to be aware of though before you begin your first babysitting job.

The first criteria for parents looking for a babysitter, is finding someone who has taken classes in first aid and babysitting, to be certain that you will know what to do in the event of an emergency and that you can handle the responsibilities of caring for their child. First aid classes will teach important life saving skills such as CPR for small children, and what to do if a child chokes or ingests poison, and any other skills you might need. A babysitting class will cover caring for small children, safety, ideas for planning playtimes, and how to discipline a young child appropriately.

Most community centers and some schools offer first aid and babysitting classes free of charge or for a small fee. Upon completion of these classes, you will be giving a certificate or card stating that you have graduated from the program; you should keep this to show prospective employers, having these certifications will greatly increase your chances of getting a job.

Once you have all your certifications, make yourself a flyer to hang up in the local grocery stores, and talk to the counselors at your school, since often parents will call the school to see if there are any responsible teens looking for a job. It should not take you long to find a job, there are usually plenty of babysitting jobs to be had.

Many parents will also be looking for references and experience, so it is helpful to make a list of family, teachers and friends that know you best, to share with them at your first meeting. Make sure to list anyone you have watched children for in the past; if you babysit for anyone in the family be sure to include that too. A potential employer will be looking for responsibility and reliability in a babysitter, so be sure you can be available when they need you. Nothing is worse than not being able to get a babysitter when you need it, and parents will replace you very quickly if you are frequently not available when they ask you.

If this is your first time babysitting, ask the prospective parents to give you a chance to prove yourself by being a mother’s helper for a week or two. This means you will come into the home for a set period of time, and entertain the children while mom gets other things done around the house. This gives the parents a chance to observe you interacting with their child, and gives you a bit of experience at the same time.

Babysitting is a time honored profession for ambitious teens looking to make extra income, if you are well prepared you should have no trouble finding a family and making plenty of extra cash babysitting.

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