For those of you who want to have fun while working out, water aerobics is the best option for you. It helps improve your upper body and lower body. This type of exercise is good for people with joint problems and stiffness because it enhances flexibility. Water is one of the best places to do resistance training because the body has to move through it. Resistance helps mainly in lengthening and stretching the muscles by relieving pressure. The buoyancy in the water on the other hand makes it easier for people to perform resistance exercises without having to worry too much of injuries.

You have to perform water aerobics in shallow water. Water level should just be in between your ribcage and underarm. You need to do some warm ups before you start by jogging around the pool and doing some kicks, jumping jacks, strides and knee lifts for 6 to 8 minutes. One of the most popular methods in water aerobics is treading. Use both your arms and legs and make sure you keep your head up. Move your arms in a horizontal way. Don’t move them up and down because if you do you have to pull them back up. Move your arms forward and back with your hands facing the way they are moving. This will keep you from going down. Move your legs in a circular way. If you are kicking, point your feet and kick fast and repeatedly. There are plenty of exercises you can do in water aerobics like kickboxing, biking and skiing. Doing this kind of activity may mean that you have to join a membership club or you have to pay just to access the facilities that you need.

Water aerobics in general improves muscular endurance and strength, flexibility, abdominal strength and cardiovascular conditioning. It doesn’t matter what fitness level, age, size and body type you belong to, you can definitely participate with no worries. It’s also a good way to burn calories and shed off some pounds by means of doing aerobic exercises and strength training. This is a good way to replace fat with muscles.

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