The internet is full of wonderful information, educational services, as well as a great place to connect with people. Scams on the internet create a dark world that can ruin your online experience. If you are not Cyber Street smart you could end up the victim of one of these internet scams.

One of the scams on the internet is getting more attention these days. The Nigerian scam. You will receive an email that states an introduction from some poor retched rich man who needs to have a large sum of money transferred out of the country. In exchange for transferring the millions of dollars to your personal account he will offer you a small percentage as a thank you. You agree, the nice person you are and think wow what a great way to get some easy money. The problem is you don’t see a dime and your account begins to be emptied as you are charged for many fees that are needed to handle this large transaction that never comes.

There have been many a poor soul fall for these scams on the internet and never been able to retrieve their lost funds. The greedier you are the dumber you become. It is amazing how some of us fail to realize that there would be no need to trust a stranger with that amount of money in this day and age. But still many will agree to it and fall for the scam, losing everything they own at times in hopes that a stranger will send them thousands of dollars in return for their kindness.

Any email that you receive that is similar to these scams or other scams on the internet you should report to the proper authorities. It is best to not open any emails that you are not familiar with the sender. You can end up in loads of trouble as there are new scams on the internet being created each day.

Article was written by Jeffrey Frasco. For more information about avoiding online scams and how to earn extra income online look at the website.

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