Though summer may be at an end, there’s no rule that says that recreational fun has to come to a close along with it. Regardless of season, sports and recreation are an undeniable part of life and a profitable business opportunity for wise business owners and investors. Whether you’re ready to start a fun indoor franchise business today or looking for the chance to start an outdoor sports franchise next spring, here are 10 great sports and recreation franchises that are ready for the right active entrepreneur.

1. The Athlete’s Foot

?36 years ago, this store was the first and only focused seller of athletic footwear. Today, it may not be the only one, but with franchises in 40 nations and happy customers around the world, it’s conceivably still the best. Whether you’re interested in starting a single-location retail franchise, starting a master franchise, or taking on an entire area development, The Athlete’s Foot has a system designed to match your level of interest in their exceptional business.

2. Rhino Sports

?The perfect cross between sports and construction, Rhino Sports franchisees are responsible for creating some of the most durable, innovative, and noteworthy athletic courts in the industry. Not only are their designs able to withstand constant use and weather damage impeccably, but the materials that they use greatly reduce the amount of strain that is put on player’s joints. For this and so many other reasons, Rhino Sports is one of the fastest-growing court brands around.

3. i9 Sports

?Over 100 million Americans play organized sports, and many are kids, which means that anyone willing to teach children the rules of fun and good sportsmanship can make a good profit doing it. And that is exactly what i9 Sports franchisees do. This home based business provides franchisees with the tools and knowledge to facilitate the development of 10 different sports leagues, and Franchise Times Magazine and Entrepreneur 500 have already recognized their system as one to watch in the future.

4. One2One Bodyscapes

?From L.A. to New York, people everywhere are into the trend of slimming down and buffing up with the work-outs and personal care that only a knowledgeable trainer can provide. One2One Bodyscapes is a 10-year-old company with 5 locations operating in the greater Boston area that provide clients with customized workouts in an exceptional environment. Poised and ready to spread further through the state and the nation, this is a great ground-floor opportunity.

5. Caddy Card

?One of the most novel things to hit the golf course, the Caddy Card is a pocket-sized, 16-page publication that provides golfers with detailed graphics of the course they’re playing, space for record keeping, and tons of advertising. It’s free for players and free for the golf courses, but advertisers pay to be included. Franchisees make their money by selling ad space, which has already proven to be a better point of advertising than any other available.

6. Laser Nation

?Laser tag has become a hit everywhere, and now you can cash in on the trend as well, with a proven system that puts you at the helm of a fully functional entertainment facility. All the franchisee has to possess to take on this business for sale is a strong knack for customer service, sales knowhow, a strong sense of personal integrity, and a high-traffic location for an outlet. Other than that, the franchisee takes care of preparing you for anything and everything.

7. Wheel Fun Rentals

?The #1 recreational rental chain in the nation, this franchise is known far and wide for bringing clients the best in wheeled family fun. Different locations offer a wide variety of rentals, ranging from bicycles to kayaks, depending on what the local terrain will allow. Current franchisees cheer the business model because it’s fun, simple to operate, and incredibly low stress.

8. Monster Mini Golf

As the popularity of the family fun center continues to grow throughout the country, so does one of the newest chains in the industry, Monster Mini Golf. Set apart from the pack by an amazingly fun design that sports a “frighteningly fun” 18-hole miniature golf course, a “monstrous” gaming center, and “fearsomely” fabulous facilities, this business turns fun into an exceptionally successful business. Training is provided to all franchisees both at the central headquarters and on location at each new facility, marketing support is always provided, and each location gets regular checkups from the local representative.

9. Intelliturf

?Professional sellers and installers of synthetic turf, Intelliturf franchisees work from home and are in a class by themselves. Despite the convenience that comes with having a lawn or golf green that never grows but looks and feels like real grass, there are not yet a lot of companies that specialize in it. Franchisees with the foresight to get in on this growing trend at the ground floor, however, are taught all there is not know about the industry, and set well on their way to business success.

10. HobbyTown USA

?With more 180 locations already established across the US, HobbyTown USA is one of the top retail facilities in their industry. Selling a wide variety of toy, entertainment, and hobby products, franchisees have the extreme privilege of working a fun, satisfying job that allows them to make their own hours of operation in a market that is rather recession-resistant. And, of course, financing, training, site-selection assistance, and ongoing support are all included in this great package.

The list of sports and recreation franchises goes on and on, but they all share one thing in common: they capitalize on fun. If you want to do the same, take a closer look at some of these great business opportunities.

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