EBay is the biggest marketplace of the whole world. People buy and sell things on it 24 hours a day, and millions of dollars worth of transactions aredone every day. This also means there are thousands of people who areselling the same thing at one time. If you own an eBay store that has certain range of products, then chances are that several other eBay stores also have similar products. This poses the problem of getting target traffic to your eBaystore and converting this traffic into sales.
Search Engines And Pay Per Click
Most of the traffic comes to your store through search engines, so high ranking on the search engines ensures that potential buyers come to your site. You are made visible on search engines on the basis of eBay reviews, eBay guides, and blogs. Don’t underestimate the importance of these tools, as the people who have been in this business for a long time vouch for the effectiveness of eBay reviews and guides.
Another option people look for comes in the form of pay-per-click engines. These can be helpful in getting traffic, but the quality of traffic and actual sales is not at all guaranteed here. There are firms who promise to give 100,000 clicks for pennies on the dollar, but there is no assurance that these clicks will turn into sales. In fact, there have been recent reports of click- through frauds, thus the money you spend on this option may go totally to waste.
Write Reviews And Blogs
Start writing reviews and blogs. To some, writing original matter on any chosen topic may appear to be a tiresome and tough job. However, always remember that well-written guides and reviews, as well as blogs, do a lot of help in getting target traffic. This, in turn, gives higher chances of translating into sales.
Next comes the actual writing part of the blogs or reviews. It is often a great way to start your review with the latest trend and what’s new. You can find out what customers are buying on eBay at a particular time. You may not be selling the exact same product, but you can start off your blog or review with the trends you see. It will help you find your niche market or upgrade your existing niche market by adding a few trendy things to your eBay store.
Even if you are not selling a particular item, you can always write a review. Just click on the Write a Review icon and start giving your opinion on things. This way, a link to your profile will be created near the reviews, and if someone clicks on your profile, they will get access to your eBay store right next to it.
Guides are also an effective way to advertise your eBay store in a subtle manner. You can link your guide to any section of eBay and create links to your store and your other guides too.

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