The proper operating of your car is important to you keeping your schedule and getting to work on time. Therefore, it is important that you make sure you not only have regular car maintenance performed, but that you also are going to a reputable establishment and one that you can trust to get the most for your money.

There has always been a common worry that if you take your car in for one service, there is a good chance that the mechanic is going to come up with “something else” that needs to be done. However, the educated consumer has a better chance of avoiding a scam than someone who believes everything that is told to them. Here are some scams to be aware of so you can say “no thanks” if you are ever faced with choosing whether or not you want it done to your car.

One of the biggest scams is the old “shampooing of the engine” and will usually cost you a couple hundred dollars. It is positioned as “your engine is dirty and will perform better after good shampoo.” Understand, you do not need to have the grease, grime or oil cleaned off your engine. If you really want it done, you can do it at home yourself for much less. Know, your engine will not perform better either way, only look better.

Another scam is when a mechanic scares you (the uneducated consumer) into an engine flush. While the shampoo cleaned the outside, the mechanic will likely tell you that you are in danger of something very bad if you do not get this done today, and that your engine is making your oil dirty. Get out of there quick. Know that your oil gets dirty the moment it heads through your engine. A popular “add-on” and must have amongst mechanics is any type of device that will help you save gas. Let’s just put it this way, they do not work. Experts, primarily based at Consumer Reports, have studied these tools extensively and the findings have largely shown that the only way to improve fuel economy is to keep your tires properly inflated, learn to coast, stop putting the pedal to the metal and don’t waste your money on some device that is supposed to make you stretch your gas tank.

Another popular myth is the idea that your fuel injector always needs to be cleaned. While this may be true for a car that has over 100K miles on it, you certainly don’t need it for your car that is still low on mileage. All that this mechanic is trying to do is pad his bill, not help your car.

Remember, if you walk into a car repair shop with facts and a solid education on what is and is not needed, you will be better off than someone who walks in like today’s next sucker. Don’t set yourself up to be had and you will walk out of the repair shop with a car that runs well and a wallet that is still full.

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