Fortunately there are alternatives to the corporate grind today if you want to set up on your own to generate an income. The internet has opened up another platform of commerce that many are turning to build an income. Home based businesses have become common as people become creative in securing an income.

Franchises are a good alternative to starting up on your own as you are buying into a proven business model and you can generally expect support and training right from the outset. There will also be a system in place to follow which will enable you to run your business effectively. This means that you can hit the ground running as opposed to getting caught up in the technical aspects of setting up your own business.

In terms of costs, franchises can range from very high to quite low depending on what business you are looking to buy into. A restaurant for example is going to cost a substantial amount of capital up front and then you have a large operation to manage. These franchises also sometimes have royalties and other fees that you must pay.

The good news is that a home business franchise will generally have relatively low costs as you are unlikely to be employing staff initially or renting office space. And the great thing about a home business is that if you invest wisely you could be turning a profit in less than a year.

There are various small franchise opportunities for people with low budgets and fortunately a low cost franchise does not necessarily mean a business with low income potential. Spend time researching the many franchise websites to come up with some inspiration on what you would like to do. The types of franchise that you chose should be based around the following criteria:

1. Does the business opportunity play to your strengths? For example if you are good with people are you going to be sat indoors all day on your own. Would you better suited to getting out and meeting clients?

2. Is the franchise going to take over your life or will you have time to spend with your family? There is no point jumping out of a stressful job into another unless that is your aim. However bear in mind that most new businesses will take a lot of work at the outset but as you gain skills and knowledge this will reduce. Also once you start making sales you could outsource certain tasks.

3. Are you 100% committed to the business? You must be willing to put in the hard work up front and you will see it pay off over time.

4. Have you completed your research and due diligence on the company and the market? Is there potential and why is the vendor selling?

Once you have selected your home business franchise, ensure you develop your business plan and goals so you know if you are on track. The franchise company will support you completing these based on what you want to get out of the business.

If you are concerned about your job security or are facing redundancy, a small franchise opportunity from based at home could be ideal to fit around your lifestyle. And you won’t need to worry about being made redundant anymore.

You are wise to be considering starting a small franchise opportunity in the current climate.

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