Not long ago a gentleman emailed our Online Think Tank and acted a little paranoid over the doings of the Tri-Lateral Commission and then he went into a mild tirade about their so-called exploits. He even went so far as to call the anarchists. Anarchists now, well that just proves how very misunderstood the tri-lateral commission is these days. After letting this ponder for a couple of days, I emailed the guy back and stated:

I was thinking about your comments on the Tri-Lateral Commission and well you have labeled them “Anarchists” and I just do not see it that way. I think it appears just the opposite, they wish to control human populations and civilizations. Their belief is that mankind needs to get a move forward. Some day, who knows which century, there probably will be a one-world government overlay that actually works. Why, well because we are moving in that direction; the EU, USA, NAFTA, WTO, NATO, etc.

You know, Arthur C Clarke discusses this and projects that future and so does Asimov. It seems whenever the World Leaders get together for a meeting they are attacked by the “green peace” crowd and the anarchists too. Thus if the Tri-Lateral Commission was made up of anarchists why would they be attacked and by the real anarchist types?

The problem with one World Government is no one country wishes to give up their sovereignty. Men in power never wish to give up power. All large groups tend to become fragmented and thus such a system would probably implode unless it was built very well. Thus I again stated:

.. .. but all in all, I just think that labeling the Tri-Lateral Commission as Anarchists is silly. So, I would like to hear your thoughts on this, because, you seem to be the kind of guy who can back things up with facts. And well, I would really like to hear your rational.

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