Today’s economic world presents us with many business opportunities. The opportunities thus offered are so lucrative and promising that it arouses serious questions on whether the code of ethics for doing business can be followed by the book. It is however dependant on the point of view and one ethic may not translate itself in the same way for one as it had done for someone else. As a Christian, one needs to live by the plan God has made for us. Christian livingensures that we all fall under his grace and live a life which will end with deliverance rather than purgation.

As a Christian, it would always sting to be the owner of an alcohol or a tobacco outlet, or the owner of a book store with objectionable and pornographic material and literature on display and sale. It would also feel wrong to own a site full of fraud or pornography, no matter how much profit it helps you make. Even if you finance such businesses, you are indirectly becoming a part of it which is again not worthy of a true god-fearing Christian.

Christianity is a religion based on faith. Faith that the savior, Lord Jesus Christ, is the Son of God sent to free us of our sins. He saved humanity from the wrath of the Almighty and to remain in His grace we must lead a life which is closer to Christ—drink his blood and consume his flesh and be a part of Him. Christian Newspapers have taken up the initiative to educate the people on the values and morals of Christianity. Taking into account the overwhelming number of people online, the papers have a sizeable online presence.

So what better business to do in a more Christian way than the business of the compiling, publishing and circulating of Christian News papers? This practice, let’s say, ‘goes-by-the-book’—the Holy Book. By being a part of it, you are actually doing charity and helping others. The rate of the paper should not be too high and all employees treated with respect and care. The paper used should be recyclable and eco-friendly. This is the only way to be able to be in the service of the Lord and make a living out of it via ethical and honest means. Make a living and spread the word and love of God—is there a better life than this?

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